Dear Art,

I’ve lost you for so long–

but I can’t forget you,


so I’ve come crawling back, and I’m falling to my knees.


I’m insatiable.

Miles, miles

Skies miles, miles high
miles, miles long
miles, miles empty
we’ve traveled miles, miles far
miles, miles away from skies
skies that are miles, miles high
miles, miles dear
to your miles, miles of recollections
miles, miles long gone

and not a centimeter of hope


“The things that are truly important–”

I drew this a while back when I read the volume covering Kikyo’s death. I cannot tell how much it struck me or how much their love story (their referring to Inuyasha and Kikyo) means to me. It’s so beautiful that it melts me. And I could do nothing but think for hours upon hours what it meant when Kikyo died.

Kikyo, Inuyasha's dearest

Skies greying

Rain swelling

Thunder clapping

Muddy shores, trembling ground

The Earth splits open in one loud roar and

silence evading

Emotions dying


I’ve been here before, I swear…


Well, I really have. Procrastinating until 2 AM. Well, at least I’m drawing.

Promises don’t make sense sometimes

But so goes the remainder of life.

Who told you that life had to make sense?


Once you leap over that large hill, you keep running blindly forward. You hope that you won’t stumble at the next hill… Keep going, keep going, you’ll get there…

Raining through–

Rain is so beautiful, but so menacing at the same time…

On Friday, someone asked me if I liked the rain. I was about to say “no,” but then I paused to think about it. Rain is such a beautiful thing. Then I said, “Yes, but only when I’m indoors.” This hesitation on my part was unexpected… Such a simple thing as rain, and I had to hesitate to deem it “good” or “bad,” which makes me wonder if it deserves the blame or the praise that people assign to it…

I crossed a bridge

Once, I crossed a bridge,
Across a frozen river, and I noticed
Caught in the ice was a fish, the size of my palm
(I’m not going to save it, no sir; I haven’t got the tools)
Why crack the ice when the lucky fish discovered a way to freeze its perception of time?
Rather, I’d trade a million bucks to be in that position…

But if I had a million bucks, I’d not spend it to be a fish.

I’d spend it to raise a family
And we’ll never eat fish, I promise. I think

I’d like to be a bird instead, please. You know, one of those birds that soar in the depths of the ocean. That kind.

“When you are content to be simply yourself
and don’t compare or compete,
everybody will respect you.”

said Lao Tzu.


I don’t think death scares anyone. We’re all just creatures of habit, and we can’t bear to think of tearing away from habit.

We’re all just creatures of habit.

We’re not scared of entering that state of dreamless sleep. Rather, we are afraid of being forgotten by the people on this side of Earth that we genuinely care about.

What you miss is the warmth of the blood flowing through that person. You don’t miss the rays of the sun, but you miss that hot blood that tingles through your veins when you’ve stepped into a warm room after emerging from the bitter cold.

My greatest fear is to have treaded Earth and not have a single person remember me for my accomplishments. I want to leave a footprint on Earth, an everlasting one, one that another person will feel is worthwhile to lay their foot in and try to match my footprint. But how to achieve this…

Then you start to wonder: at your funeral, who is going to cry for you? I’m thankful to people who have cried for me. It makes me feel just a little less regretful about the time I’ve wasted in this life. Next life, for sure, I will cry for you, too.

Heaven in the seas

How do we know that heaven exists up above, there in the sky? Why is our conception of heaven inundated with images of clouds and miles of blue skies?

What if heaven existed in the seas? After all, the seas teem with life and the dead.

These thoughts dance in my mind as I think of rain drowning a window pane. After all, from heaven flows the river… so why is there not heaven in the sea as well?

Little fish who jumped up at the stars, couldn’t reach the stars, but landed on the moon. Good enough, little fish. Nice try, but you still have to keep reaching for the stars.

After all, you still have time left on this Earth.